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Library Resources to Make Up Hours

1) Log in to Clever (


2) Click on the MackinVia icon


3) Once you are on MackinVia, you can search for eBooks or Instructional Resources on the left tab 


Under the ebooks tab, you can filter out thousands of ebooks based on availability, reading interest level, genre and so much more! 


Under the Instructional Resources tab, you can explore a myriad of resources including Gale: Testing and Education Reference Center with Career Module.


Once logged in Gale, click on the High School tab at the top to access AP prep resources, TSI practice exams and so much more!

Click on the College Prep tab to access prep resources for SAT, PSAT, ACT and so much more! 


Once you try to access one of the resources, this screen will pop up. Click on "Register" (its grayed out on the right) if it is the first time you are using a resource, and create an account. You will create your own username/pw. 



Email our librarian, Mrs. Barnhart